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Howdy! We.. are an unusual pair of lovers eager to inspire you with our story.

A Belgian guy and a Mexican girl, we form an exotic couple from two opposite places in the world. A lot of mystery and uncertainty surrounds these kinds of relationships. Thus, we want to shape a community by sharing our motivation and inspiration as we continue this crazy love story.

Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.

V. Van Gogh

Our Story

Fernanda Gómez

Behold Fernanda, the girl from the city of lions. Even though the city name implies otherwise, nothing tops her sweet & enthusiastic approach. Though, that’s just Ger’s humble opinion, perhaps you recognize this all too well with your own (long distance) relationship. 

We share a passion for (digital as well as physical) design, interiorism, Canada and of course Mexican food.


Gerben Van der Cruyssen

Often you will find Gerben in different countries getting lost in sociocultural details, though his true origin lies in the city of cats. Gerben likes to believe things that popular and mainstream is not always the optimal experience. Although, sometimes he has to admit that Fer is right about the opposite. 

We share a passion for (digital as well as physical) design, interiorism, Canada and of course Mexican food.


What we (will) do

Travel & accomodation

We try to give you a heads up for wonderful locations or local sights and places to stay.

Long distance relationships?

A lot of mystery surrounds LDR's, especially for those who don't understand it. Of course, a long distance relationship is not the easiest one of the bunch. For that reason, we want to connect to others in the same situation.

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It's always nice to document your time together, which is why we will try to make some videos in the future for you to watch.

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Fer &​ Ger


September 16th 2020

Gerben Van der Cruyssen
Are you in a long distance relationship? Join us,
a long and fortunate story lies ahead for all of us.