About us


A short summary

Our story begins with a digital letter, where it all began. From there, daily conversations bloomed and eventually this turned into a relationship that became official at first sight. Gives a whole new meaning to the sentence ‘love at first sight’, don’t you think?

I, myself, Gerben, am a Belgian who became entangled in Mexican culture, the culture of the country my girlfriend (Fernanda) calls home. However, the opposite is also true. I still get surprised whenever she appreciates details like historic architecture which I grew up with. 

Over Gerben

Gerben Van der Cruyssen

We are Fernanda Monserrat from León, Mexico & Gerben Van der Cruyssen from Ypres, Belgium. Together we make an enthusiastic duo that gets inspired by interiorism and ways to communicate with audiovisual content.

Sobre Fernanda


What we do

Do you want to think beyond the obvious and go for a happy life with your partner from abroad? Love shouldn’t know any borders, this website is all about why. You will also notice that culture and language are more than just a touristic attraction.


You can’t blame people, the fear of the unknown & deviant are often universal. That is exactly why we want to show that those thoughts should not influence the achievement of something that makes you unique.


Time to listen to you

Do you have goals or dreams that others don’t really believe in? Maybe you know what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Much love - Fernanda & Gerben