At first sight

Now that you know everything about how it started with me and Fernanda, you might ask yourself: How was that first meeting?

HOLD TIGHT, here comes the answer!

What a date

We had to wait and see, but the first ‘date‘ eventually got planned. Originally this visit was a week, when I booked the flights this sounded quite logical.

Later it became clear that this would be rather short as we both got closer by the day. That one week became 17 days, after all you don’t get to see each other every week.

Goodbye Europe

Getting on the train and descending the plane, eagerly dreaming about what awaited me. I’m sure Fernanda can relate as to how curious you must be after waiting for so long. You know… that moment that comes when you had to wait so long for it. 

Once at the airport I got lost without without any wifi to rely on. After some searching and asking around, I ended up going in the right direction.

September 6'th, a day to remember


What would you do if you finally saw someone you’ve wanted to embrace for so long? Of course, this was difficult with a gateway in our midst. It so happened to be that Cancún airport doesn’t allow you to go back inside the building via the exit either. Though, I could finally hug her after security let me through.

We remained calm despite the nerves and formed had a fluid conversation about how amazed we both were about our meeting finally becoming reality.


We continued that conversation with food since we got hungry and well.. because it’s Mexican food we’re talking about. Besides, it was much cooler inside and cozy as we still had some time left until our transport came to pick us up. It was then that the long anticipated relationship came into being.

How about a kiss

Maybe it was the heat combined with curiosity that provoked a first kiss. Perhaps it was the combination of jet lag and the food that might have made me feel sick which caused me to lie down on her lap in the bus later that day. For all I know (and jokes aside), those things created comfort that reinforced our first days together.

What followed was to write a book about. There are plenty of things to do as a couple in Mexico, but I’ll tell you that next time ;-).
For now I’ll let the pictures speak.

Chichen Itza


Fact is that this first meeting allowed us to get to know each other on different levels in more than one mood. No masks but instead every emotion, different scenarios, clear communication.

And how about overwhelming cultural differences? There were, like how Europeans risk less and wear seatbelts. Though, those just offered funny scenarios or just brought us closer altogether.

What About You?

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