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The start of our long distance love journey





Far away


Let’s talk del AMOR!

I won’t deny it, this is a love story and writing about it is something else. Especially when it comes to love with the Atlantic Ocean as the middle point. Nevertheless, a relationship as such does partly contribute to our personal identity and possibly yours too.
From the Belgian city of cats & the city of lions in the heart of Mexico, we have been striving for a common future together for six months now.

How that road has (started) is what we like to share with you this time.






Close by heart

Slowly Fer and Ger

A Traditional Meeting Took An Unusual Turn

SLOWLY, an app to write letters, that’s where it all began. Perhaps not the most attractive story to members of our family, but still an authentic and essential element of our relationship.

How an innocent letter toppled our lives we never saw coming. What started as a conversation about each other’s city, food and interests grew into an interest in each other. Initially nothing more than 2 friends exchanging their interests, not knowing they might meet one day. You probably already figured that this is not how the story turned out to be.

From Character To Appearance

What we learned out of this is that something you (sub)consciously look for, might just blossom from something small.
Letter after letter more curious about the looks and… if she could trust me and I with her.The switch to Instagram gave us the opportunity to respond immediately. More dynamic conversations, no relationship yet.This was the period of Skype, starting to speak each other’s language, exchanging Netflix and numbers for WhatsApp.

How We Got There

Months went by and nerves to call became days to count until the big day. After an enthusiastic exam period we finally had a date, but the spark was already there before that date. Fast forward 2-3 months and there we are: September 6th (Mexican time) the day we both decided to go for it.The trust that built up from day 1 contributes to where we are now.

Of course a long distance relationship never was an easy choice

Eventually an inevitable road we have to take to reach what we believe in.

Long Story Short

One’s perspective is unique and personal, uniting two from other sides of the world is enriching in certain ways. You learn to think outside of your own wold and take different perspectives into account. Although physical distance and time zones are game breakers, our story so far has led to great moments that only motivate us to make more lifelong memories. Even though we only get to see each other a few times a year provisionally, every moment ‘together’ is something we don’t want to exchange for something else. I genuinely believe that you truly value these moments when you have to be apart for a while.

Even if this is only a beginning and we still have a future to work hard on, we are slowly but surely proving to ourselves that it is possible and that we are able to do make this dream a reality.

Don’t let difficulty define what you achieve.
Believing in and achieving something doesn’t always come easy.
Though, easy doesn’t always yield greatness.

Much love – Fernanda & Gerben

Time to hear your story!

Are you in a long distance/ intercultural relationship yourself? Got any friends or family that would love to go abroad in order to see someone?
Make sure to share this article or our website with them. Then be sure to let us know, we are very curious to hear stories from others!

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